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November - December News, Rumors and Gossip.

‣ January 15tth : A'VION is proud to release the new Vanity HUD LYRA. Filming for the new commerical takes place near the end of Febuary. ‣ December 15th : A'VION announces its move into a multinational, multilingual market with product media and text content becoming available in Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese. Watch as we bring the HUD and Products into these regions.
‣ November 1st : Lyra HUD and products are becoming available in retail stores all over secondlife. Contact us for affilaite opportunities.
‣ Oct 28th : Avion and Vanity Tour celebrate the premier release of the wearitbuyit or "WiBi" November issue. Released to the Vanity Limited Edition subscribers group, wearitbuyit promotes a single shot product of quality. With a custom like a look book purchase features.
‣ Congratulations to Vanity Spokes-model Reign Congreo, for winning the 2011 Miss V♛ Costa Rica! read all about it here
‣ The A'vion Covergurl 2011 has been announced. Be on the catalog cover, and featured on VetaTV commercials for Vanity Cast. Details will be available soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A'VION sponsors the BRAZIL FASHION WEEK with International Modeling Agency

1. (SHOW 1) Thu, Feb 24th – 2PM – ALBA 2
(SHOW 2) Thu, Feb 24th – 4PM –   DRD
2. (SHOW 3) Fri, Feb 25th – 2PM – AIMESI
(SHOW 4) Fri, Feb 25th – 4PM – ADDICTIONS
3. (SHOW 5) Sat, Feb 26th – 2PM – MOREA STYLE
(SHOW 6) Sat, Feb 26th – 4PM – AMARELO MANGA
4. (SHOW 7) Sun, Feb 27th – 2PM – ALB FASHION
(SHOW 8) Sun, Feb 27th – 4PM – DEETALEZ
5. (SHOW 9) Mon, Feb 28th – 2PM – GIZZA
(SHOW 10) Mon, Feb 28th – 4PM – EVOLVE
6. (SHOW 11) Tue, Mar 1st – 2PM -  AVION  MAKE UP AND FIGURE
(SHOW 12) Tue, Mar 1st – 4PM – DD STYLE
7. (SHOW 13) Wed, Mar 2nd – 2PM – ESTRAVAGANZA + SARTORIA
(SHOW 14) Wed, Mar 2nd – 4PM – MANNEQUIN SHOW
8. (SHOW 15) Thu, Mar 3rd – 3/4PM – FINALE CARNEVALE


The Lyra Vanity HUD is a state of the Art Cosmetics and Fashion accessory with optional fashion AO.  It combines mascara, hair dye, hair highlights, jewel tinting / nail painting and color matching features, taking your accessory colors, and flourishing them into hundreds of shades and hues.   The Fashion AO combines 8 customizable model poses, Runway mode, and ZHAO-II Animation Override.

▶      Key Features
    -    Slick and easy to use interface
    -    Mascara that tints all A’VION eyelash and script so you can
         tint any other eyelash you may have that is not Jet Black.
    -    Hair Dye that works with almost all Second Life Hair
    -    Hair Highlights that let you add highlights to strands of hair.
    -    Save money on Hair.
    -    Painting for Body Jewels, belts, Shoes or other accessories
    -    Color matching to blend between your accessories, matching Mascara to        
         earrings ect.
    -    Specialized AO for Modeling and Photography. Fully Customizable.


Sunday, January 23, 2011



At the back of A’VION’s flagship store, you will find a unique display of arts and cosmetics.   Capturing the essence of beauty, designers, photographers and stylists demonstrate the diverse creative possibilities of secondlife.   If you are interested in being featured in A’VION’s galleries,  submit an art shot using A’VION cosmetic makeup to any of our staff.

Monday, November 1, 2010


The New Look. A touch of London couture meets Hollywood, set on an open space atmosphere for serenity and admiration of the exotic and lush line of A'vions new cosmetic products.  

The architecture is a our tribute to versal reality, with open roofs and large arcs; a pink laurel tree displayed with butterfly's, and sculpted African wood statue adorned  overdone love parade eyelashes from A'vion designer Alisha Helstien.

To the mix was futuresk lights, and a magenta and pink back-lite glass entrance to match the London couture opening.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome to the Avion Cosmetic Blogsite!

Our first blog.

We first and foremost want to congratulate Avion group members, tour cast, and staff on successfully taking Avion Cosmetics the next step into the grid. We have worked very hard to deliver our signature brand into a growing fashion industry and look forward to working with agencies, designers, models and people as we continue to release new quality product.

Find our Group in secondlife : (V) Vanity Tour
Find our stores in secondlife search : Avion Cosmetic HQ SURL